Clean Thanjavur

Thanjavur is an ancient, historically important town and is the head quarter for Thanjavur District in Tamilnadu State. The city is an important agricultural centre located in the Cauvery Delta at 100 47” latitude 790 08” longitudes and is known as the “Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu”. Thanjavur is administered by a Municipal Corporation covering an area of 36.33 Sq km (14.03 sq mi) and had a population of 2,22,619 in 2011 and divided into 51 Nos of Wards.

The District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) has roped in Clean Thanjavur Movement, a voluntary organisation, for implementing solid and liquid waste management in six villages around Thanjavur. K.Varadarajan, Director, DRDA, said the State government has announced a solid and liquid waste management programme for villages in entire Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs. 150 crore.

The villages are Vilar, Ramanathapuram, Nanjikottai, Neelagiri, Melaveli and Pillaiyarpatti. The idea is to teach collection, segregation, and disposal of wastes to the people. A bio-methanisation plant will be put up as common for all the villages. The wastes generated will be used for the bio-methanisation plant to produce electricity.

A member from Clean Thanjavur Movement will be in the committee and co-ordinate the works. Under clean Thanjavur Movement, training has been imparted in solid waste management to thousands of students, teachers, members of women self-help groups, and hoteliers. Educational institutions such as Thanjavur Medical College, Auxillium Higher Secondary school, and Bon Secours College are implementing the solid waste management project. Vallam town panchayat has become a model for solid waste management in the district.