Mentor System

In Rajah serfoji Government collge, Thanjavur, Tamil nadu, mentoring system has been introduced from 2006-2007, for establishing a better and effective relationship between student and teacher and also continuously monitor, council and guide students in educational and personal matter.

All teachers work as mentors for students allotted to them. The students must feel to confide in their mentors. This is a continuous process till the end of academic career of student. The aim of student mentor-ship is

  1. To enhance teacher –student relationship.
  2. To enhance student’s academic performance and attendance.
  3. To minimize student’s dropout ratio.
  4. To monitor the student’s regularity and discipline.
  5. To enable the parents to know about the performance of regularity of wards.

The IQAC had taken the initiative of implementing the mentoring of students. Mentors maintain and update the mentoring format after collecting all necessary information. Mentors are expected to offer guidance and counselling as and when they required. It is the practice of mentors to meet students individually or in groups. In isolated cases parents are called for counselling and their special meeting with the principal at the suggestion of the mentor.

If a student is identified as having weakness in particular subject, it is duty of mentor to apprise the concerned subject teacher.

Mentors are allotted more hours to make it convenient to meet the mentees. This system has been useful in identifying slow and advanced learner through a careful examination of each mentors report the college has organized ‘Remedial Classes’ for the slow learners.

HOD will meet all mentors of his/her department at least once in a month to review proper implementation of the system and advice mentors wherever necessary.

| Outcomes of the system

  • The attendance percentage of the students has increase to greater extend.
  • The number of detainment of students has decrease consistently.
  • Due to direct communication between mentor and the student, there was good improvement in student-teacher relationship.

| Reports

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